Leaning into integration: The key to unlocking enterprise revenue growth

Totango Integrations

Announced during our flagship event, Totango Live!, we’re accelerating the motion to customer success-led growth by introducing two new partnerships and nine technology integrations into the Totango software and ecosystem. We believe these collaborations are cornerstones for enterprises to deliver seamless experiences for their customers and to create the interconnectedness with cross-functional partners and systems needed to drive long-term revenue growth.

“Totango believes being an open platform, working with a wide range of capability used in the enterprise, is vital to ensuring customer success can have the maximum impact of helping businesses retain and grow their customers. We partner with expert vendors across categories in order to support our vision that customer success requires superior alignment across the C-suite to drive business outcomes and customer value.” — Alistair Rennie, CEO, Totango

The next generation of customer success

It’s not lost on any business or C-suite leader that in today’s difficult environment driving consistent growth is hard; acquiring new customers is expensive; and securing retention is key. In only its second decade affirming its mission and demonstrating value to the enterprise, it’s become clear that customer success (CS) is uniquely positioned to take the reins as a growth driver for the enterprise. And, that growth comes from consistently and quickly delivering customer value. 

According to data from ChurnRX, customers that achieve measurable results stay 6x longer than those that don’t track measurable results. Retention increases when customers get results, leading to increased purchasing and ultimately boosting enterprise revenue growth. CS, more than any other function, is positioned to be the driver of customer results and customer retention to fuel growth.

CS has the multi-pronged connection with customers to understand and nurture their path to business outcomes—over time. CS has the 360-vantage point to know where customers are engaging with products and where they’re struggling. And, CS has the technology and customer data to feed product, sales, and marketing with the integrated insights to drive innovation forward. But, for CS to maximize this growth-driving motion, CS and CS software have to be at the center of the enterprise stack integrating with functional partners and their systems.

Connecting enterprise to community

A critical component to CS-driven growth is the ability to leverage education resources and support services in a scaled motion to serve changing customer needs. As more cross-functional partners and their functional tools and data are integrated into CS software and the Totango ecosystem, this scaled motion of support becomes even more pertinent. We’re thrilled to partner with Higher Logic, a proven community hub platform, to offer the Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC—available today as a prebuilt customer success program with best practices and out-of-the-box content as a click-to-access program for Totango and Higher Logic Vanilla community customers. Enterprise growth and scaled support go hand-in-hand; as enterprises welcome customers and new functional partners, they’ll be supported with prebuilt tools that help them easily communicate, engage, and share feedback with community members.

Driving enterprise transformation with expertise

Change management is a critical activity for any enterprise on the path to long-term growth, especially as new functions, cross-functional teams and goals are established. With ESG Success becoming our new services partner, Totango customers will get expert support with customer success transformations and change management. A variety of packaged solutions will be available to help enterprises dial-in on key opportunities facing CS teams, such as value realization, scaling digital CS, establishing CS operations, and accelerating implementation. Our partnership with ESG will invite Totango customers to utilize ESG established tool-kits and act as an extension of their CS team as product experts in Totango. In today’s dynamic business landscape, change is inevitable, and we want to ensure that our customers navigate these changes effectively, turning any obstacle into a stepping stone for success.

Extending cross-functional execution

To further enhance our platform’s capabilities and our users’ experience, we also announced integrations with nine new partners across a variety of performance capabilities, including: 

Available now

  • Product analytics platforms: Pendo and Mixpanel
  • Data warehouse solution: Databricks

Coming in Q4 2023

  • Communication and scheduling tools: Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar
  • Revenue intelligence platforms: Gong and Chorus
  • Omnichannel communications: Zendesk chat powered by Sunshine Conversations

CS is often the biggest source of customer data, but that data has to integrate with the other sources of customer data and tools that are used across the enterprise business processes and functions. When CS technology is feeding customer insights into other parts of the enterprise—providing the connection between sales, CS, product and marketing—businesses are able to fully recognize customer desired outcomes and nurture them across the optimal experience.

“We need to be able to communicate with customers through multiple channels to reach them in the moments that matter and ensure we help them achieve their most desired outcomes. Totango integrations not only enable us to bring in data sources, so we have a deeper understanding of our customers, they also enable us to leverage multiple modes of communication with customers, from in-app chat experiences to email and more.” —Shawn White, Sr. Vice President of Global Customer Success at Dynatrace.


Join our journey

We continue to press on with new product innovations, integrations, and partnerships. To learn more, schedule a demo to see how Totango can help your organization improve net revenue retention, identify opportunities for expansion, and reduce churn. 

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