Staying Close to the Voice of the Customer


In the last two weeks we have all acclimated to a new reality where we have to work from home, meet online with our colleagues and learn how to drive every aspect of our life: fitness activity, meeting friends, school, etc., all online. The way we meet face-to-face changed, and very quickly, we learned to do everything remotely.

Now, you must focus on locking in your core business, your current customers. We are here to help you stay engaged with your customers so you can continue to deliver a great experience for them while they are using your products.

Connecting with your end customers and understanding how they feel about your service and value delivery is more important than ever.  To enable a quick and easy way for you to do this, we are introducing the Voice of the Customer SuccessBLOC

You can now install the Voice of the Customer SuccessBLOC from the SuccessBLOC marketplace. It will only take you one minute to start leveraging Totango’s best practices for interacting and staying in touch with your customers, including the ability to send them NPS campaigns. You will be able to stay on top your customer’s voice and engage based on it 

The SuccessBLOC will: 

  • Track key metrics associated with your customer loyalty program starting with NPS
  • Enable you to send an NPS campaign directly from Totango  
  • Expose best practices to help you maximize NPS participation.  
  • Engage based on the NPS results 

Install the Voice of the Customer SuccessBLOC to ensure you are incorporating customer sentiment data into your account health scores and to trigger the appropriate communication campaigns to your customer base.  

Keep in mind that there are many other SuccessBLOCs in Totango Marketplace from which you can get a lot of best practices including COVID-19 Toolkit which will help you protect your core business and deliver value and ensure continuity with Totango digital solutions.

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