Totango Leads the Industry in Customer Success According to Trust Radius

Did you know that about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase? Or that 78% of customers who read reviews were satisfied with their purchase? Peer-to-peer product reviews are extremely powerful and have become a vital step in helping consumers evaluate and decide on purchasing a product.

At Totango, we know just how important it is for customers to receive not only a high-quality product but one that has been thoroughly vetted by their peers. This is why we are so proud to receive accolades from business software review sites like TrustRadius that provide buyers with unbiased and insightful reviews to help them make better product decisions.

We are proud to have received multiple leadership awards from TrustRadius in Customer Success. With a TrueScore of 8.0 out of 10 and more than 290 reviews on the site, Totango has earned four awards for 2021 from TrustRadius, including:  

  • TrustRadius Leader in Customer Success recognizes vendors who have received a Top Rated award for having excellent customer satisfaction ratings.
  • TrustRadius True Award recognizes vendors who are Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical in sourcing and using customer reviews.
  • TrustRadius Best Feature Set recognizes highlights the products in each category with the feature sets that best satisfies users’ needs and meets their expectations.
  • TrustRadius Best Usability recognizes products with the best usability scores in their category.

Since 2016, the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards have become the industry standard for unbiased recognition of B2B technology products. Based entirely on customer feedback, they have never been influenced by analyst opinion or status as a TrustRadius customer.

What Our Customers are Saying

Check out what some of our customers have to say about using Totango:

Puts the Success in Customer Success: “Totango has enabled us to continually improve our ability to manage our growing base of customers. As we exploded in customer size in 2020, Totango allowed us to dynamically manage all our new customers. We opened new customer segments and launched it all on Totango.” – Ramon L, CSM at Zoom, Verified Customer Review on TrustRadius

TR Success in Customer Success Quote

Great Software, Great Implementation and Huge Efficiency Boost: “Totango gives us the ability to oversee, quite literally, hundreds of clients at once and to understand their story. With other software, I feel like I’d have to comb through tickets and spend a lot of time understanding where people were before I could answer a question. With Totango, I can usually see everything I need right from their profile.” – Nick B, Implementation Specialist at ACS Technologies, Verified Customer Review on TrustRadius

Trust Radius Nick B Quote

Totango Brings our Team Together: Our team needed a centralized location where they can find all the data and information they need on our clients. Totango helps us feed all the data from various sources into one location, making our customer success team’s job more efficient and effective. Totango is also helping us from a management perspective, allowing us to easily create dashboards on account risk/health, renewals, upsells, etc. enabling us to provide better and more accurate forecasting to our executive team.” – Julie R., Manager of Client Success at Corvee, Verified Customer Review on TrustRadius

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