What’s Happening Behind Your Customer’s Walls?

Consider the traditional account management relationship. You call the key stakeholder at each of your accounts, you make sure things are going well, and you fix things if they’re not. Pretty simple, right?

The problem with this approach is that it’s shallow. There are a lot of things you don’t know: who is using your product, how they are using it, and the actual results they are seeing. You only know one side of the story, and that makes it very difficult to manage the account.


What you are missing is the understanding around product consumption. Things might appear fine over the phone, but without the ability to go deeper into how and why your company is providing value to the customer, you risk losing their business without even realizing it.

As Guy Nirpaz describes in his book, Farm Don’t Hunt, “individual users can each be at different stages of development. It gets extremely complicated, of course, but people come and go from companies all the time.” Each of your customer accounts will have users with different roles, needs, and challenges, and your team needs to be able to support them all.

Getting An Inside Look At Your Customer’s Product Consumption

It goes beyond accessing more data. The idea of “knowing your customer” is the ability to understand your customer through every level of the relationship. On an account level, being able to prioritize accounts based on their overall account health supported by actual user data makes it much more likely to reduce churn and identify upsell opportunities.

On the user level, knowing which users are engaged and activate more features allows you to prioritize your adoption efforts and deliver better experiences for each individual. Having the capability to monitor how stakeholders and team members are engaging with your product makes it much more likely that you will have satisfied long-term customers.

It does not have to be difficult to collect and visualize this data AND make it actionable. Using Totango, for example, every account profile features a place where you can see how users in every customer account is engaging with your product.

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By reflecting on the real-time customer experience, Totango customers have been able to break through the wall and get much better understandings of their customers. If you would like to learn more, request a demo today!

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