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2016 Customer Success Salary Survey & State of the Profession Report

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Customer success is no longer a new revenue opportunity, it has become a requirement for any subscription business looking to remain competitive. As new teams are built and programs are scaled, we also see more established teams maturing their practices and delivering substantial business outcomes for their companies. The future is bright for customer success!

Presenting Our 4th Annual Report

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We are excited to present the 4th Annual Customer Success Salary Survey & State of the Profession Report. As the leader in Customer Success, Totango has provided vital benchmarks – from compensation to goals and challenges – to help the entire business world develop a better understanding of our industry. Check out some of the key takeaways below. For a deeper look at the results, read the full report.

Key Take-Aways

Customer-Focused Incentives: For the second year in a row, almost 75% of customer success professionals received variable compensation, with the majority receiving a bonus based on customer health metrics.

Compensation By Title: This is the first year we have broken down average compensation for emerging success titles (Senior Customer Success Manager, Customer Success Engineer, and Chief Customer Officer).

  • Customer Success Manager – $77,000
  • Sr. Customer Success Manager – $110,000
  • Customer Success Engineer – $90,000
  • Director of Customer Success – $126,000
  • CCO/VP of Customer Success – $158,000

Emerging Roles: As the industry continues to grow, more companies are hiring Customer Success Engineers and associate-level team members. With enough statistical data, we are proud to share the first industry benchmarks for Customer Success Engineer.

Large Customer Success Teams: We compared how customer success teams of 25+ manage their teams, goals, and technology stack. The results suggest a lot of similarities and a few unique challenges.

See more in the full report and make sure to request a demo of Totango today!

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz is a Silicon Valley-based Israeli entrepreneur and CEO of Totango, a Customer Success software platform. A pioneer in the Customer Success field, Guy established the Customer Success Summit and is a well-regarded industry speaker and community contributor. Guy loves people and technology and has dedicated his career to improving the way in which business is done through innovation. Fun Facts: Guy moonlights as the lead guitarist in a rock band based out of his garage in Palo Alto and used to command a tank well as having grown oranges.

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