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Totango product innovations help CS drive predictable revenue growth

3 – min read It’s no secret that businesses have been hit hard in 2023. With budgets being cut, staff being laid off, and sales cycles getting longer, many …

Hiring CS team members
Best Practices

Why is CS hiring so hard? Tips for finding your people

3 – min read As subscription models and recurring revenue become the norm for both SMBs and enterprise solutions, customer success is becoming an essential part of businesses across …

13 Customer Success Manager Skills
Customer Success

13 Customer Success Manager Skills to Look for When Hiring

7 – min read Hiring team members with the right customer success manager skills is critical for the effectiveness of your CS team and strategy. Here we’ve identified the 13 most …

31% of CS teams are collaborating with Sales
Customer Success

How customer success teams drive value through collaboration

3 – min read Recent years have seen an astonishing rise in the popularity of subscription-based products and services. The world of ownership is being replaced by Spotify, Hulu, …

Customer Success Survey Stat 92%
Customer Success

Why homegrown tools won’t cut it for scaling customer success programs

3 – min read Over the past 15 years, we have seen dramatic—even seismic—changes in technology. Whether it’s opening a bank account from the comfort of your couch, navigating …

Customer Enablement
Customer Success

What is Customer Enablement? A Quick Guide for B2B & SaaS

5 – min read Customer Enablement Essentials: What B2B and SaaS Brands Need to Know Customer enablement empowers customers by giving them the resources they need to use your …

Customer Success Dashboard
Customer Success

Customer Success Dashboard KPIs: Nine CS Metrics To Track

5 – min read Customer Success Dashboard Metrics: Nine Top KPIs You Need to Monitor A customer success dashboard provides a powerful tool for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring …

Customer Success Playbook
Customer Success

Customer Success Playbook Tips: Five Proven Tactics

5 – min read Customer Success Playbook Strategies: Mapping a Path to Winning Outcomes A customer success playbook maps out a game plan you can use to automate successful outcomes …

B2B customer segmentation
Customer Success

B2B Customer Segmentation: Six Best Practices

7 – min read B2B customer segmentation gives you the power to customize your service and even personalize it for individual clients. This yields superior customer satisfaction, translating into …

the unique role of CSMs
Customer Success

The Unique Role of CSMs

3 – min read The role of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is always important but it is especially critical during an economic downturn. As a CSM, you know …

how to do more with less
Customer Success

How the Right CS Platform Can Help You Do More with Less

3 – min read Protecting and growing your current customer base should be your top priority right now, but how do you do that when your marketing and sales …

Why you should throw out your CRM
Customer Success

Why You Should Throw Out Your CRM

3 – min read Ready for a controversial statement? You don’t need your CRM. Yeah, we said it. Sure, there is a place for customer relationship management (CRM) technology …

The Customer Success Playbook
Customer Success

The Customer Success Playbook: How to Survive and Thrive During an Economic Downturn

4 – min read In uncertain economic times, attracting new customers becomes exponentially harder as budgets get tighter and priorities shift. As a customer success leader, it’s important to …

Guide to Customer Success in SaaS
Customer Success

Customer Success in SaaS: A Complete Guide & Best Practices

6 – min read Customer success in SaaS differs from CS in other industries. The software service industry presents unique challenges for customer success management while also creating unique …

Invest in customer success
Customer Success

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Customer Success

2 – min read Right now, we are on the cusp of an economic downturn. Inflation and interest rates are soaring, the stock market is plummeting, and organizations are …

composable customer success
Customer Success

What is Composable Customer Success and Why is it Important for Your Business?

3 – min read If you have a child that loves to play with LEGOs, then you probably know that one of the greatest things about these little interconnecting …

Navigating your customer success career path
Customer Success

Tips for Navigating Your Customer Success Career Path

4 – min read As we saw in our 2021 State of the Customer Success Industry and Salary Report, the role of Customer Success Manager (CSM) is one of …

Customer Success Email Templates
Customer Success

Six Customer Success Email Templates to Save Your CS Team Time

4 – min read Customer success email templates form a foundation for effective CS automation. While customer success management can result in a rewarding payoff, it can also be …

Why you need more than CRM features for customer success
Customer Success

Why You Need More than CRM Features for Customer Success

4 – min read Customer relationship management software is great for sales, but it isn’t a substitute for a customer success platform. In this blog, we’ll talk about why …

5 Best CRMs
Customer Success

Five Best CRMs for B2B Sales in 2022

5 – min read Wondering what is the best CRM for B2B sales? Well we’re here to help with our guide to the best CRMs for both small businesses and …

Create inspiring customer journeys
Customer Success

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Being Able to Create Inspiring Journeys

3 – min read Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about …

Not putting CS into the hands of your whole team
Customer Success

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Putting Customer Success into the Hands of Your Whole Team

3 – min read Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about …

How to evaluate a new customer success platform
Customer Success

Making the Switch: How to Evaluate a New Customer Success Platform

3 – min read In order to effectively optimize, scale and provide your customers with the best experiences possible, you need to have a high-quality customer success platform. But …

Apply the 5 love languages to customer success
Customer Success

How to Apply The 5 Love Languages to Customer Success

3 – min read Do you know your love language? According to Dr. Gary Chapman, every person has a primary love language in which they need to be spoken …

Customer Success Automation Best Practices
Customer Success

6 Essential Messages for Customer Success Manager Automation

4 – min read Building out customer success manager automation depends on the effective use of email and in-app messaging. Planning strategic emails at key milestones in your customer journey …

Customer Success Insights for 2022
Customer Success

Key Insights to Guide your CS Strategy in 2022

4 – min read  What 2021 Taught SaaS Businesses about Customer Success As the business world adapted to the challenges of 2021, SaaS companies re-examined what customer success means …

agile customer success software
Customer Success

How to Bring Agile Innovation to Customer Success

4 – min read When you bring agile innovation to customer success, you empower your CS strategy with the latest technology. This gains you the ability to implement CS …

key customer success platform integrations, salesforce, hubspot, dropbox, zuora, jira, zendesk, segment, zapier
Customer Success

8 Customer Success Tools to Enhance Your CS Software

3 – min read Customer success tools extend the functionality of your CS platform, multiplying its value. By connecting data from other success tools to your CS tool, you can …

what you should pay your customer success managers
Customer Success

CSM Compensation Plans: Factors that Matter

3 – min read There is no one-size-fits-all formula for designing customer success compensation plans. Each company is unique and has different goals and KPIs in place that affect …

on24, walkme, all-star customer success, totango
Customer Success

5 Tips for Leading an All-Star Customer Success Team

2 – min read Building and leading a customer success team is no easy feat. From gaining the buy-in of other departments to training team members and earning customers’ …

customer success workflows, artificial intelligence
Customer Success

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Success: Emergence and Outlook

4 – min read Artificial intelligence in customer success is no longer an innovation but an established best practice. AI has changed the way customer success is defined, placing …

bi is the data cs is the brain
Customer Success

Why BI Software is Simply Not Enough for Customer Success Teams

4 – min read Have you ever tried to recreate a meal you had at a restaurant? You went to the store, purchased the ingredients, and then came home …

5 best practices for hiring a csm
Customer Success

5 Best Practices for Hiring a Customer Success Manager

4 – min read Following best practices for hiring a customer success manager can make a critical difference in the quality of your customer relationships. Customer success managers serve …

customer success team structure example
Customer Success

How to Structure your Customer Success Team

4 – min read What makes a sports team successful? Excellent athletes who work together on both offense and defense to win the game. A good pitcher alone won’t …

5 tips for building customer success team
Customer Success

5 Tips for Building a World-Class Customer Success Team

5 – min read The COVID-19 pandemic created a new sense of urgency around protecting and nurturing customers by highlighting the fact that customers truly are the core of …

the role of chief customer officer cco
Customer Success

The Role of a Chief Customer Officer

4 – min read The role of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is a fairly new addition to the C-suite, but it has been on the rise over the …

understanding customer centered growth strategy
Customer Success

Understanding Customer Success: Growth Driven by the Customer-Centered Economy

4 – min read Strategy for customer success growth has changed as commerce has gone digital and big data has made marketing and sales customer-centric. In the old days, growing …

customer segmentation best practices
Customer Success

What Is Customer Segmentation? Definitions, Uses and Success Tips

5 – min read What is customer segmentation? It’s a key principle for doing business in a digital environment, but many companies don’t apply it effectively. Here we’ll discuss …

csm evaluation scorecard
Customer Success

Find the Right Customer Success Platform with our Scorecard Template

4 – min read If you’ve purchased a home in recent years (or if you’re just someone who enjoys real estate “window shopping”), it’s likely you’ve used a tool …

Totango Wisr Webinar QA Blog
Customer Success

Customer Q&A with Christine Knific of Wisr

4 – min read During the live presentation of the Steps to Scale Your Customer Success Operations Overnight webinar,  Wisr’s VP of Customer Success Christine Knific answered several questions …

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