Digital Customer Success vs COVID – One Year Anniversary Recap

Covid anniversary

March marks the official one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you believe it has been a year?

As the world entered “lock-down” this time last year, little did we know we would all be sheltering in place, working digitally, remotely, and locked within the walls of our homes for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

No one knew what the “new normal” meant for the market, industry, businesses, or customers. As protecting and growing customers became the number one priority, businesses looked to technology to help them adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances and stay close to their customers while remaining socially distanced. Despite all the challenges of the past year, our ability to be resilient and to adapt, innovate and grow has been extraordinary.

Even financial analysts took note as they too adapted to the changing market by shifting their investments to not just those businesses that enabled a better life at home including home improvement and real estate, but most importantly the companies that enable us to live our best life digitally. While Zoom is the most public winner in this pandemic, the number of dot.coms that saw investment (both private and public) in the last 12 months rivals the first boom in the early 2000s.

Today we share 3 stories of companies in the edtech, hospitality, and technology industries who triumphed in 2020 by embracing a more rapidly iterative digital Customer Success approach, creating extraordinary experiences for their customers and customer-driven growth for their business.

Wisr builds Digital CS operations from scratch

Wisr, who began 2020 with only 6 employees, experienced rapidly growing demand as universities scrambled to implement digital recruitment and enrollment programs. In order to support their 311% growth last year, they had to act fast to scale operations – building a CS team from scratch, defining a customer journey, implementing a Customer Success platform, and automating the processes, communications, and customer experiences needed to scale – in a matter of weeks. In this webinar, Christine Vienna Knific, VP of Customer Success, walks us through their journey and the tactical steps she took to operationalize success for Wisr. Wisr expects to grow over 3x again this year without the need to add any more CS resources and this month they announced their acquisition by EAB.

steps to scale your cs operations

Digital Customer Success = 1    COVID = 0


SevenRooms collaborates remotely

No other industry felt the impact of social distancing more than the hospitality industry with B2B businesses that serviced restaurants and hotels being forced to adapt overnight to survive. SevenRooms, a restaurant reservation software company, utilized Zoe to mobilize their remote teams to collaborate and “fight for the industry when it needed it the most”, launching new service offerings at unprecedented speed while continuing to engage with proactive messaging to their restaurant clients to support them through the difficult times and help set them up for success. In this webinar, Ilana Brown, VP of Customer Success, takes us through how she kept her team aligned and the entire company operating off the same set of facts despite being remote.

Seven Rooms Webinar Slide

Digital Customer Success = 2    COVID = 0


Zoom scales Digital CS for rapid growth

Zoom, which has become part of the world’s lexicon, rose up to the challenge of onboarding and supporting millions of customers as video conferencing became the new norm for business meetings. As a digital native organization, Zoom already had a successful digital onboarding strategy in place but as they scrambled to scale for the tremendous volume of customers, they recognized the limitations of their messaging, campaign strategy, and calls to action and was able to quickly shift from a campaign strategy that was over weeks to over days while staying true to their “happiness” mantra and an industry-defining NPS score of 70+.
In this webinar, Marco Innocenti, Head of Customer Success Operations, shares Zoom’s learnings on adapting their digital engagement model for rapid growth.

Campaign Messaging Cadence Zoom

Digital Customer Success = 3    COVID = 0


Stay tuned for more digital customer success stories of how organizations have scaled their business and automated revenue growth for their business.

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