Zoom, Bentley Systems and Totango: Top Takeaways from Customer Success Summit

This week Totango hosted our virtual Customer Success Summit: CXO Connect for executives and leaders of Customer Success. We were fortunate to have David McKenney, SVP Digital Advancement at Bentley Systems, and Marco Innocenti, Head of Customer Success Operations at Zoom, join Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango to share how they’ve adapted their customer success capabilities to face these challenging times and better serve customers.

The full recording will be available on Totango’s Everything Customer Success YouTube channel but some of the key takeaways include:

  1. Digital Transformation has accelerated as enterprises scramble to the cloud
  2. Your existing communication cadence is not direct or frequent enough
  3. Any and all engagement playbooks need to be re-tuned
  4. Attain 6X CS efficiency improvement by involving broader teams
  5. Activate best practice toolkits to optimize customer journey quickly

Digital transformation has accelerated as enterprises scramble to the cloud

Bentley clients accelerate move to cloud

The current crisis is accelerating the pace of digital transformation. As companies struggle to enable users to work from home and upgrade remote collaboration capabilities, companies that toiled over their digital transformation for years were forced to transform in a matter of days. 


Your existing communication cadence is not direct or frequent enough. 

Having a cadence of regular communication is key to supporting customers and making sure they don’t feel alone. Especially in a time of need and scale, your existing pace of outreach is probably not direct nor frequent enough. By leveraging Totango, both Bentley and Zoom were able to quickly adapt their campaign engagement model from monthly to almost daily communication.

Bentley went from 2-3 week lead time for a marketing campaign to 2 days lead time, launching over 25 campaigns in just 4 weeks to over 250K users. Each campaign leveraged a deep understanding of customer segments, needs, and behaviors to deliver personalized authentic, and context-based messages.


Bentley Systems automate 25 campaigns in just 4 weeks to over 250 users


Any and all engagement playbooks need to be re-tuned

Everything is being reshuffled in times like these, whether you are struggling to survive or experiencing unprecedented growth. Those who can go back to square one and have a clear view of their customer base,  can pivot and execute quickly to win.  

This is true even for Zoom. Prior to COVID-19, Zoom had already scaled its digital engagement model to support over 32,000 accounts per CS person.  However, the almost vertical growth rate they’ve seen over the last month required them to quickly adjust their campaign cadence from a 3-month onboarding journey to a 16-day onboarding lifecycle.  

“It’s a testament to the Totango platform, it’s flexibility, and how nimble it is….we can move quickly. Totango has allowed us to shift a campaign strategy that was over weeks to over days which was really impactful in how we continue to message our customers.”  – Marco Innocenti



Attain 6X CS efficiency improvement by involving broader teams

Right now, the conversations between CS leaders and their CFO include how to efficiently handle cost when new customer acquisition is more difficult.  How do you deploy teams most effectively to secure existing customers and ensure you keep up with the delivery of services and value to customers?

Bentley’s CS team represents only 5% of their employees, however, they have successfully marshalled over 30% of the entire company to be involved in Customer Success initiatives.  Utilizing Dynamic Assignment, Bentley accessed the wide range of expertise throughout their organization, including those in product, sales, professional services, to match the right employee based on product expertise, language, and location to deliver a better customer experience at just the right point in the customer journey. The next step is to expand the use of Dynamic Assignment and campaigns to support more proactive outreach to customers based on triggers associated with time, event, and value. 


Bentley Systems


Activate best practice toolkits to optimize  customer journey quickly

Now, more than ever, businesses have to invest in technology that allows you to deliver for your customers. Waiting is not an option. Guy Nirpaz shared his view on how businesses can become more agile, embrace digital, try new approaches, and continuously tune their engagement model for efficiency and scale. The Totango SuccessBLOC Marketplace optimizes your customer journey by providing pre-built best practices, toolkits, and templates such as the COVID-19 Customer Engagement Toolkit that you can tap into today to get started.



Despite the challenging situation we are all faced with, both personally and professionally, the 70+ executives and CS leaders who joined this virtual Customer Success Summit expressed optimism and confidence that we will all emerge stronger on the other side. Now is the time to accelerate the way we respond and prove our value as vendors and partners to our customers.

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