Best of 2011: SaaS Best Practices and Customer Analytics

SaaS Best Practices and App Vendors

Often I meet with SaaS companies who have a lot of goodwill but simply don’t know where to start. Even very successful SaaS companies sometimes need some guidance and some tips & tricks to become even more successful as many businesses are accommodating their sales model to comply with contemporary requirements.

Below are our top posts on these topics to help you get oriented in our Best Practices for SaaS and App Vendors:

Customer Analytics for SaaS and Cloud App

Speaking with hundreds of SaaS businesses I grew to learn that this topic specifically is lots of companies’ weakness. Some don’t know how to conduct a Cohort Analysis, some wouldn’t know which metrics to measure and some are even not aware to its importance for their business success.
This is why I’ve grouped together our Customer Analytics material which could help in building a more solid background on these topics:


Tomorrow I’m going to review all low touch & zero touch sales tips and free trial and freemium best practices

SaaS Key Metrics Survey Results


Want to know which metrics other Sales Executives use?
Download SaaS Business Survey Results

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