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Based in the heart of Silicon Beach, Los Angeles, Wiredrive helps more than 1,500 customers around the world share media and collaborate more effectively. Their system flawlessly shares large files and serves as a single spot to collaborate and collect all reviews for a project. Companies like Nike, Cisco, ABC, Universal, and ESPN use Wiredrive to manage their creative production projects.

Life before Totango

Wiredrive came to Totango with a need to help their Customer Success team get a handle on managing a large portfolio of customers with a lean team Customer Success Managers.  Their team manages a portfolio of 1,500+ customers, including 500+ high touch Enterprise accounts, with aggressive retention, onboarding, and upsell goals for a small team.

Customer Success is responsible for everything after the sale is closed, from onboarding to upsells, continued education, closing down accounts and preventing churn, which means that the CSMs’ plates are always full with a clear need to optimize their efforts and stay focused on the customers’ actions and needs. The Customer Success team wanted to know which customers needed attention and also provide relevant and meaningful interactions throughout their customer’s journey while at the same time, not allowing any accounts to fall through the cracks.

Life with Totango

With Totango in the hands of Wiredrive’s Customer Success team the landscape is clear.  Rob Deutsche, Customer Success Team Lead, worked closely with Totango to configure and develop a set of processes for the team to follow.  Rob used the Executive Console’s Health feature to define segments that closely align with specific landmarks in the Customer Journey. This gives each team member a great view into their customers throughout every phase of their relationship with Wiredrive, from the initial 21 days of onboarding, to the pre-renewal check in.

health console

Wiredrive also uses two other powerful Totango features: SuccessPlays and Campaigns.



To complement the visualization of how customers are doing, there’s also a well defined set of operationalized SuccessPlays that kick in automatically as the customer transitions from phase to phase.  For example, the first 21 days after the customer signs with Wiredrive are extremely critical in the relationship. This segment of customers is closely monitored by the team and a  specific set of pre-defined tasks are automatically assigned to the relevant CSM via Totango’s SuccessPlays. Right after onboarding is complete, there’s a tightly controlled phase where Wiredrive CSMs make sure the customer is doing great and fully adopting the product in their first days of being live. Rob explained, “Totango helped us get to a much quicker time to full onboarding (<30 days) with no clients falling through the cracks.”

For customer renewals, the CSM is notified 180 days in advance to proactively intervene if there are any churn signals and an NPS survey is included at two distinct points in the lifecycle leading up to renewal.

successplays -



Wiredrive is also taking advantage of Totango’s Campaigns, which is a powerful customer communication solution that will replace their current communication platform for customer outreach efforts. So far they’ve been able to get existing customers to grow their storage requirements, which for Wiredrive means increase in subscription value as upsells. Rob explains, “We went from 181 TB of files stored by clients to 230 TB (nearly a 20% increase in overall application usage) in less than three months.”

Customers are responding in higher rates with requests for demos after receiving Totango Campaigns. “We had 22 demo requests from existing clients after running Campaigns to identify users who weren’t using all aspects of the product.  Post demo, these users increased their overall usage by 12% on average the first month after introduction.  This cost us nothing to run and led to multiple upsells.”

Rob continues, “With Totango we created a 10 point client journey and were able to automate lifecycle milestone surveys via Campaigns at 21/60/90 days, as well as 180 day and 320 day NPS outreach.” For example, a client who is 21 days into their contract, who should have gone through onboarding already, is prompted via a Campaign to share their onboarding feedback and are asked if they need any further training sessions.  At 320 days, clients are prompted to fill out an NPS survey, among other surveys throughout the customer journey.

campaigns - new

Results to Date

With more visibility and clarity on where to focus, along with the help of two powerful features, the CSMs now have more accountability for their book of business. Rob explains, “No longer is Wiredrive doing pointless check-ins. The changes have lead to tremendous successes so far and a more focused approach to addressing exactly what the client needs at that specific point in time.”  

Even though Wiredrive has had Totango for only six months, they’ve already been able to see significant increase in revenue, improved product consumption metrics, and have had more meaningful conversations with clients. Here are some impressive results:

“We just had two record-setting quarters for upsells, increasing yearly additional monthly recurring revenue by over 60% from the last year. We were able to do this while onboarding and managing 20 new clients per month and a legacy client base of 1400+ clients in four distinct pricing tiers.”

“We are able to automate the upsell candidate qualification reporting through Totango, which saves about 4 hours of data crunching each month and  25+ hours of CSM outreach time per week, allowing for more focus on high value touches, trainings, and consultations.

Wiredrive has already accomplished a lot with Totango in a fairly short time frame and is looking forward to expanding and building out more ways to optimize team efficiency, increasing product consumption, and growing revenue.  Interested in learning more or sharing your own company’s success story with Totango?  Please send me a note at cecilia@totango.com or linkedin.  

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