Totango recognized as CS leader in G2 Winter 2024 reports

Totango G2 awards winter 2023

We are delighted to share that Totango was recognized in the G2 Winter 2024 reports for its exemplary performance in the customer success software category. These awards reflect superior engagement and commitment from our users, who continue to highlight and share the key aspects of Totango and our software they find most beneficial.

The best of both worlds: unmatched enterprise-grade implementation and usability

The G2 Winter 2024 reports ranked Totango as the number one customer success software in the enterprise implementation index. This recognition shines a spotlight on our commitment to offering an easy and efficient implementation process. Totango’s high score from G2 users not only underscores our efficient implementation but also sets a best-in-class benchmark for other software in the customer success category.

Additionally, Totango earned badges for Most Implementable (highest implementation score) and Fastest Implementation (shortest go-live time). These accolades highlight our product’s user-friendly nature and our team’s relentless efforts to ensure a smooth setup process for our customers.

Quotation mark
The onboarding experience was in-depth and thorough. I felt fully supported by the Totango implementation, data, and support teams.
Megan Robbins, Customer Operations Specialist at Kooth

Totango also clinched the number two spot in the G2 enterprise usability index for customer success software. This index combines customer satisfaction with ease of use, ease of administration, meeting requirements, user adoption percentage, and the number of reviews received on G2. Our high rating in the usability index is a testament to the user-friendly interface and comprehensive features of Totango.

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With our last tool, everything was complicated, overly technical, and buggy. With Totango, the power is there, but it comes across as intuitive and easy to use for both our admins and end users.
Mid-market business leader in computer & network security

Why customer success leaders love Totango

Effective cross-functional collaboration is a defining attribute of any rising customer success team and another reason our users recognize Totango as a software leader. From streamlining customer interactions and optimizing business operations to supporting critical in-app communications, the Totango software makes connecting, integrating, and empowering cross-functional partners easy and valuable. 

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Totango is helping us maximize our annual recurring revenue by identifying and proactively mitigating churn risks. All the while galvanizing internal collaboration across accounts and facilitating upsell/cross-sell opportunity and execution to grow our book of business.
Enterprise business leader in computer software

Here are more reasons why customers love Totango, as highlighted in their reviews on G2:

  1. Implementation: Totango’s robust onboarding experience, smooth integration with external tools like Salesforce, and ongoing support make implementation a breeze.
  2. Intuitive user experience: The clean, easy-to-navigate interface and thoughtfully designed user experience make Totango a preferred choice for users.
  3. Customizability and flexibility: Totango stands out for its customizable nature and flexibility, allowing users to adapt the platform to their specific needs and business models.
  4. Workflows and automation: Totango’s automation features offer users the ability to create workflows and automate processes such as updating key customer information and assigning tasks based on account changes. These actions lead to increased efficiency and time savings.
  5. Segments for navigation: Users appreciate the customizable segments that help with easy navigation across different portfolios and real-time data pulling, offering valuable insights.
  6. Comprehensive customer information: With Totango, users can keep all customer information in one place, ensuring easy access and organization.
  7. Health scoring: Users value the proactive management of customer success through health scores, allowing them to stay ahead and ensure product success.
  8. Efficient task management and reporting: Users commend Totango’s efficient task management and the comprehensive overview provided by the dashboards and customizable reporting features.
  9. Data-oriented and customer-centric approach: Totango’s commitment to a data-oriented and customer-centric approach enhances user experiences and fosters long-term relationships.
  10. Excellent customer support: Users appreciate the responsive customer service, including the attentive sales team and supportive helpdesk.

Grow with us in 2024

We’re always thrilled to hear and see how customer success leaders use Totango to improve the effectiveness of their role and ultimately drive results for their customers. We extend our gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support and invaluable feedback in 2023 and to the entire G2 community as we look forward to building the next generation of customer success in 2024!

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