Measure the impact and performance of your customer success team

SaaS companies are investing heavily in Customer Success, often ahead of revenue.  But apart from looking at renewals — which happen once a year in most cases — companies are still grappling with how to measure the performance of their customer success teams on a day-to-day basis.

Your customers are going through a journey with you and your customer success managers play an important role in how they experience the journey.  The renewal (and the upsell) is merely the outcome.  So how do you make sure that your customer success team is making the required impact along the way?  How can you tell which customer success managers are doing well, or not so well, relative to others?

How to measure customer success performance?

At Totango, we’ve been talking with a large number of SaaS and customer success executives to see what they need to understand CSM performance.  We heard two overwhelming themes:

(1) companies are looking for a way to understand the level of engagement their customer success managers have with customers; and

(2) they want to see the impact their customer success managers have on improving onboarding, adoption, and overall value or business results achieved by their customers.

Introducing the Team Performance Console

As with some of the other killer features we’ve released recently, most notably SuccessPlays and Customer Success Campaigns, we went to the drawing board to reimagine the executive console for Customer Success.  The executive console in Totango now consists of two parts (with more coming soon): the Customer Health Console and the new Team Performance Console.

The team performance console provides a centralized place for executives to check the account coverage, level of engagement, and impact of each customer success team member on their respective account base.


Why is this important?

  • Team management: The team performance console allows executives to guide their teams and prioritize their attention to specific team members.
  • Trends in CSM performance: View your team’s account coverage, activity levels, and impact over time.
  • Gamify team performance: The team performance console is a leaderboard for your customer success team.  Display the console on a TV monitor in your office or use it to recognize CSMs for the impact they are having on your customer base.
  • Show team success: The team performance console allows you to easily communicate and display, across the company, the impact your team is having on the metrics that matter to your customers’ success.

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