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We didn’t let the festivities of the new year slow us down too much and just released a new version of the SaaSPulse application.

We are particularly excited about this update because it includes a new application module, created to address a critical need of our beta-customers: Staying focused on important customers and the issues that matter to them.

Scaling SaaS businesses have to deal with many issues pertaining the customer-success: New customers need help on-boarding to the service, important contracts are about to expire and must be monitored, key customers are unsatisfied and at risk.

It can get really overwhelming.

Customer Inbox
Our new Customer inbox it here to help. It surfaces customers that require treatment so that customer-success staff can focus attention where it matters. This focus helps systematically work through churn issues, increase customer life time value and build a clearer picture of the business’s overall health.

We analyze each customer’s activity data in the context of their contract information and present it in an intuitive inbox metaphor. This makes it easy to pinpoint customers that require attention, such as:

* Customers that are only using a small fraction of their license.
* Customers that recently went under-contract but have yet to start using the service in a meaningful way.
* Customers that are highly engaged with the service.
* Customers that have been inactive for a while.
* and more!

The Customer Inbox is available for all beta-customers, under the Customers menu.

What’s Cooking
In our upcoming update, we’ll be releasing the Trial Inbox, which applies similar principles to trial accounts. It’s an extremely helpful tool to isolate trial accounts that matter and require sales attention.

We’ve been getting very good reviews on the concept from early access customers. Contact me (oren at if you would like a sneak peak as well.

"Definition of a user-friendly tool!" Request Demo.
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