Supercharging Customer Engagement with HubSpot and Totango

Totango-Hubspot Integration

Customer success goes beyond just viewing and knowing data points about your customers, and checking in periodically. Having real-time data and predictive insights connected to each customer’s individual journey can go a long way to increasing a company’s understanding of how their customers are interacting with their products and organization overall. And with the right systems and setup, that can mean automated reminders when customers are at risk for churn, ready to upgrade to a more advanced tier of your product, or just need more support.

Building and maintaining each unique customer journey can be a complex task — often with teams needing to understand how each customer communicates, what their needs are, and how best to move forward with individual customer engagement efforts.

So how can companies get a grasp on designing and maintaining all customer journeys while taking proactive measures to scale retention and growth?

Totango SuccessBLOC MarketplaceTotango is a goals-based platform that includes solutions like a customer success platform, customer journey templates that uncover opportunities in your customer lifecycles, cross-team collaboration, an intelligent customer data platform (CDP) and more. When the customer journey, with touch points across a number of apps and tools, is brought into one location, it gives teams a single, unified view of their customer portfolios. With the ability to analyze data signals for changes in real-time, consistent, personalized engagement is possible, no matter how large the organization.

Paired with HubSpot’s powerful CRM, Totango allows small-to-midsize companies across a range of industries to better manage customer communications. By providing a complete view of customer interactions with a company’s product or services and the company itself, teams are able to take various signals provided through the Totango Integration with HubSpot and pair them with data pulled from other platforms — allowing them to offer the most precise communications from one platform, and predict customer actions before they happen.

By having valuable customer data attributes and signals available with real-time visibility in one platform, sales and marketing teams can confidently take action with the most relevant messaging for customers.

Here’s how a range of organizations across industries are using the Totango Integration with HubSpot to kickstart newly revamped customer success programs and grow existing functions within their companies.

How Mapping Customer Journeys with Data Helps Marketing + Sales Teams 

The Totango Integration with HubSpot provides teams with the capabilities to completely design and maintain customer journeys all in one location. By pooling information from Totango, HubSpot and other relevant locations where customer data is stored, this integration works to surface the most relevant information that companies need to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Totango works for sales and marketing teams in all industries — allowing them to take a modern, streamlined approach to designing and running customer journeys with automated workflows. Automated workflows help to reduce manual tasks and data tracking (or chasing), giving them the ability to focus their efforts into crafting each personalized customer journey and helping them to succeed.

Allow Automation to Scale Customer Engagements

The Totango and HubSpot integration supercharges customer engagements with automation that allows sales and marketing teams to scale for greater customer satisfaction, retention and growth. This is achieved through a number of features such as ready-to-go templates that can be found in the customer journey marketplace. These templates help teams to fully orchestrate and automate various activities in an effort to deliver effective customer experiences. And if you’re on the lookout for something custom, you can create your own Journey Templates as well to really put your own lasting spin on things.

Real-time Visibility Allows for Proactive Actions

Totango HubSpot IntegrationTeams can get real-time visibility into customer health by pulling signals from HubSpot and other sources into Totango, so they can proactively take action on support issues, product usage, and other key business KPIs. Real-time visibility helps to save time and resources thanks to the direct integration and allows teams to view signals from all relevant platforms — allowing them to take action by sending targeted messages to customers and giving them an up-to-date view of customer data.

3 Ways to Use Totango and HubSpot to Streamline Customer Data Management and Create a Better Customer Journey

Keeping entire teams up-to-date on customer health is key to being able to accurately anticipate customer needs —  both in the present and future. For any business, a single and unified view of their customers can provide valuable information that can drastically affect how team members approach communication with each individual customer.

For Hannah Strickland, a customer success manager at Incident IQ, the use of Totango and HubSpot has been a game changer for her team’s understanding of their customer accounts. “Totango has helped us immensely with reporting on onboarding status, health, and engagement metrics to identify and address potential risks in newly adopted accounts. It makes reporting to leadership so much easier on why engagement is low and how can we improve,” she says.

Here’s how Totango and HubSpot help teams to create an improved customer journey.

1. Proactively manage renewals and identify risks in customer relationships.

Detect RiskTeams can use information from the Totango Integration with HubSpot like account, contact, contract value, renewal dates, and product usage data to create retention plans for 120, 90, 60 and 30 days out. These plans can be used by teams to reach out via email or to set up automated touchpoints. This automation can easily scale to increase customer retention and growth — giving teams extra time back that can be used to further support customers.

By having insight into the number of support tickets or negative NPS scores, teams can mitigate the risk of having customers churn by automating when to take action, improving their experience and increasing retention.

2. Increase product adoption and identify opportunities for upsell.

Marketing and sales teams can use the combined account details from HubSpot and product usage data from Totango to track usage and adoption of product features by their customers. This helps to ensure that customers are getting value from new features — and if they aren’t, customer success teams can easily get things back on track.

With Totango, marketing and sales teams can automate adoption campaigns and personalize their customers’ experience based on use, helping to unlock additional value for them. By tracking daily or monthly average usage and accounts with low or increased utilization, teams can easily understand which customers can be targeted for upsell. Proactively increasing customer satisfaction through product adoption increases an organization’s NPS and customer advocacy and engagement.

3. Grow customer advocacy and change detractors into promoters.

Onboarding SuccessBLOCCustomer advocacy is all about focusing on how to offer the best of the best experience to your customers. With Totango and HubSpot, customers see more success with the tools they use, which leads to them becoming ambassadors for your brand. The integration enables automated NPS surveys, which drive action and encourage promoters to post a review, whether that be a reference or a case study. Totango also works to trigger the right action for a CSM to respond to a customer who is a detractor — giving teams real-time data to go off of in an effort to make actionable decisions.

Users can implement playbooks that trigger automatic alerts and prompt follow-up action by teams when customers respond to a survey, allowing for quick analysis of customer satisfaction trends and to understand relevant surface insights. Analysis like this provides a deeper understanding of what is working for customers and how a team can continue to improve customer loyalty.

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