It’s Time to Shift Right

Shift right

It may sound counterintuitive to say that now, in these times of economic uncertainty, is the time to invest and not to cut back. But in fact, you should be investing now more than ever in customer success. In order to protect your core business, which is your current customer base, you need to be making the necessary changes to keep up with delivery and communication of value to your customers. It’s time to “shift right.”

What Does it Mean to Shift Right? 

To “shift right” means to reorient your business from an acquisition-based operating model, where the focus is on top-of-the-funnel activities like marketing and sales, to a customer value-based operating model, where the entire organization is focused on providing valuable experiences to customers at every stage of the journey. Essentially, this means that if your business is currently focusing 80% of efforts on acquiring new customers and 20% on customer-based growth, now is the time to shift your efforts to protecting and growing your current customer base to solidify the foundation of your business’ stability and revenue, regardless of what’s happening in the market.. 

How to Shift Right 

The changes required to embrace a value-driven model may seem daunting, but with the right system and processes in place, it is actually quite simple and extremely effective. However, it’s important to note that you can’t support a value-driven model by using unwieldy monolithic CS platforms, piecemeal CS solutions, or by trying to force-fit your CRM system. If your CS platform requires heavy IT implementation, extensive training, or is difficult to iterate or improve upon, then your teams will be forced to be reactive, rather than proactive, creating significant gaps in your customer journeys. This leads to poor customer retention, slow growth, high churn rates and employee burnout.

The best way to shift right is by implementing composable customer success software that is purpose-built on CS best practices, features embedded intelligence, and is simple to get started and quick to deliver outcomes. Using a true composable CS platform will empower your teams to mix, match and build a foundation for success in seconds by providing customizable templates, tools and workflows that can be continuously iterated upon to meet changing customer needs – all without the need for IT or administrative intervention.

Totango is the first and only composable customer success platform in the market. Our customizable apps, called SuccessBLOCs, are based on our expert guidance and customer feedback, and empower users in any industry to get started building out their customer journeys and achieving positive outcomes right away. 

Also, our Customer Experience Canvas enables employees in any department to have visibility into customer journeys and collaborate on the entire customer experience. This is crucial in a value-driven model where all employees are responsible for touchpoints that can impact customer experience. With Canvas, they have one place where they can combine their knowledge and skills to have a compounding effect that maximizes positive customer outcomes. 

Shift Right with Totango 

In times of economic uncertainty, you can’t afford to leave the growth, retention and success of your current customer base to outdated, monolithic CS platforms or CRM tools. You need to shift right to a value driven model that will deliver amazing customer experiences at every stage of the journey. And to do this, you need to invest in self-service, digital-first CS technology that enables company-wide CS innovation. You need Totango. Request a demo or sign up for free today to shift right and start protecting and growing your customer base.


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