What I Learned from Customer Success Summit 2019

5 Fun Memories That Made This An Event I Won’t Forget

Customer Success Summit – Team Edition wrapped up last Friday in New York City. Seeing everyone learning, collaborating and sharing was incredibly inspiring and made this definitively the Best Customer Success Summit ever. I filled my notebook with best practices and action items that can immediately impact performance, and I know you did too!  

All of the sessions were recorded and are being prepared for you to access on-demand, at your convenience. In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of a few of my favorite takeaways from the event.  

#1 |  X’s and O’s Aren’t Just for NFL Playbooks…
Customer Success Can Play That Game Too

Kerri Brown from SAP’s story of her NFL “Game Day” experience highlights why there’s so much friction in the way of achieving true customer success. Working as a team and having the right plays (and SuccessPlays!) made all the difference for SAP. Shelby Czarnota and Kerri’s Customer Success teams were able to score some early touchdowns by using Totango to connect the X-data (Experience Data) and O-data (Operational Data) to deliver the right action to the right person at the right time. If only my football quarterback could do so well. 


#2 | Yes! It IS possible for the healthcare industry to move fast
Call the Guinness Book of World Records

In an industry that is notoriously slow, 8-weeks from GO to Go-Live might feel like a modern-day miracle. But speed and agility are the norm for Totango’s customers, even if others take a more leisurely pace. 

One of our favorite things to do is brag about our customers; with Totango, Waystar integrated 5 CRM systems, 4 legacy client platforms, 8 product lines, and 7 client engagement models to provide a single consolidated view of clients, pinpoint risk and expansion, and standardize processes. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… 8 Weeks!

#3 | Consider Adding “Best Dressed for Success” to 2020 Customer Success Hero Awards
Because great results have never looked so good

The 2+ million monthly tech touchpoints and 11-point YoY retention success Katie Yagodnik and Kristin Hallas from Monster are achieving with Totango is nothing less than jaw-dropping. Who needs to attend NYC Fashion week when they can show you how great #CustomerSuccess Results can look on stage.

#4 | Sometimes it is difficult to contain your excitement
 And why should you?

Results like these should be shouted from the mountaintops, even with the “salty language”. Congratulations Brian Merritt, VP of Customer Success at Trustpilot and thank you for telling us how your team achieved a remarkable 23 point increase in retention. 

It’s no wonder that Trustpilot won this year’s Customer Success Hero Award for Greatest Impact on Business Results and has consistently received accolades as the “best of the best of the best” in going above and beyond for their customers.

#5 | Totango has the best customers ever!
 And you can’t convince me otherwise

Guy Nirpaz, our fearless leader, opened Customer Success Summit 2019 eloquently stating “What you do is inspiring. I know that I get my inspiration by spending time with customers… with all of you.” And everything over the next 2 days reinforced that feeling of inspiration. From presentations and testimonials to the little side conversations in the hall, thank you for sharing your stories with us. 

What YOU have been able to achieve with Totango – visibility into customer and product health, increased NPS scores, double-digit retention, cost efficiency and scale, and so much more – demonstrates what is possible. We appreciate you!

So, Good-bye to the City that Never Sleeps.  

Thank you to all the speakers, customers, and Totango team members that went above the call of duty to make this the best Customer Success Summit yet.  Now get some sleep and dream about all of the things we’ll achieve when we Come Together.

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