Zendesk + Totango: Strengthening Your Early Warning System

Support storms are unavoidable. As your customer support team manages and resolves every issue, is your customer success team incorporating the impact of these help desk tickets into their day-to-day engagements with customers?

If your customer support team uses Zendesk, the leading help desk solution, then you have the opportunity to connect real-time data from both systems and create richer customer context within Totango. Our latest enhancement to the Totango-Zendesk integration allows customer success teams to course-correct their engagements so that customers are brought back onto the right path and proactively help their customers resolve the problems.

“With the Zendesk integration in Totango, we’re no longer doing the painstaking process of researching our customers’ support history in Zendesk before we make calls into the accounts,” states Alex Kim, Customer Success Manager at Zoom. “At a quick glance on Totango’s account profile, I see the latest help desk tickets and get notified immediately when high profile customers create new ones. Now when we call into accounts we have the full picture.”

Key Benefits of the Integration Include:

Automatically connect key customer data from help desk tickets, customer satisfaction ratings, and customer success in real-time to give every customer success manager a comprehensive understanding of their customers.


Sample Zendesk widget within Totango

Build a better early warning system that incorporates customers’ support tickets into your health formula, trigger notifications, and proactive customer success workflows. This allows your customer success managers to modify their customer engagements faster when necessary.


Sample Zendesk notifications in Totango dashboard

Drive customer success managers to be proactive with visibility and access to customer support data without ever having to leave Totango.


Sample Zendesk tickets in Totango timeline of activities

If you’re interested in maximizing the potential of Totango + Zendesk for your customer success team, reach out for a demo of Totango today!

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