Customer Engagement Objectives You Should Keep in Mind

Customer engagement objectives help your team stay on track.

When consumers decide which brand of product to purchase, they pick the one they have the strongest relationship with. As such, it’s critical that customer success teams emphasize the use of regular customer engagements to keep the customer relationship strong.

Setting the right customer engagement objectives and taking the necessary action to meet these goals will help your enterprise become more customer-centered, prevent churn, and boost retention rates. Plus, engaged customers generate more revenue, and their loyalty can put you on the path to long-term success.

Customer Engagement Objectives to Strive For

These days, markets are over-saturated, and consumers have many options to choose from. In order to make your enterprise stand out from the competition in this customer-centered economy, it is necessary to place a high value on customer engagement.

Customer engagement is the connection between a company and the customer created through communications. The term typically refers to the interaction that occurs between the two parties, and there are different degrees of quality as some engagements form deeper connections than others. Through smart customer engagements, you can form a strong bond with your customers and foster long-term loyalty.

Here are some of the main customer engagement objectives you should focus on:

Improve the Overall Customer Experience

Developing a relationship with customers is like developing a relationship with anyone else; it starts by understanding their point of view. Before you can improve the customer experience, find out how customers are currently viewing your product or brand.

Talk to your customers and collect their feedback as much as possible. If they are having conversations about your brand or product on social media, listen in. Survey customers on a regular basis and have your customer success team log data about every phone call, email or chat in a customer success platform. Then, the platform can help you analyze the data in order to draw conclusions about where the customer experience is falling short.

Give Your Brand a Friendly Face

Every interaction a customer has with your enterprise should leave a positive impression. To do this, begin by understanding the persona that comes naturally to your brand, considering its values and attitudes. Try to imagine your brand as a person, then encourage customer success teams to speak as if they are that person.

Or, you can look at the influential personalities you work with for inspiration. Does anyone stand out as a leader with their own voice? Are they someone who loves your brand and would make a good advocate? You could invite that person to be a spokesperson. Give them a voice on your blog, in videos, in ebooks, or on social media. This way, you’re giving customers a glimpse of the great people who really make up your company, a powerful way of humanizing an enterprise.

Whatever voice your company decides on, aim to employ it in all of your automated communications. This will give your brand a cohesive, positive persona.

Personalize Communications

Good friends often call each other by nicknames or share inside jokes. And while you can’t be this casual with customers, you can capture one of the engaging features of real-world friendships by personalizing your communications. Don’t start an email with “dear valued customer.” Instead, tailor each engagement to the specific customer.

A customer success platform can help you personalize communications. For instance, if you are already collecting data around customer birthdays or anniversaries, a customer success platform can send automatic messages to celebrate these special occasions. If you offer a digital product or one that is purchased online, use a customer’s buying history to customize recommendations. By knowing your customer and personalizing communications, you can make sure your customers feel valued.

Achieve Customer Engagement Objectives Using Customer Success Software

If you have multiple brands or product lines, improving customer engagement can be a large and complex process. To complete your objectives, you’re going to need a comprehensive customer success platform that can manage the details of the customer experience at every step. Using software that addresses the best practices, analytics, and KPIs that occur at every stage of the customer lifecycle can give you nuanced control over customer engagement.

Having a solid brand identity doesn’t help if you aren’t having quality engagements with customers. Set your customer engagement objectives high in order to deepen your relationships with customers. Customers don’t just choose a brand because they have a good product; they also need to feel a connection and a sense that the people behind your enterprise really care.

If you’re looking for an easy way of managing customer engagement objectives, try Totango. We understand how to deepen the customer relationship and have all the tools you need to effectively respond to escalations or prevent churn at every stage of the customer journey. Request a demo or explore Spark to learn more.  

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