Why I’m sending my team at Google to Customer Success Summit 2018

Written by Dante Otero, Manager, Partner & Customer Experience, Google Cloud

Shortly after becoming a customer of Totango earlier this year, I heard about the Customer Success Summit which sounded like a tremendous opportunity to get immersed in Customer Success for two days. Seemed worthwhile to check out.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started to explore Summit. I looked at  last year’s highlight video, listened to some of the keynotes, and reviewed the speakers and agenda. I was really impressed! It definitely seemed like a conference my team and I would find valuable.

Probably like most people, I totally missed the Early Bird special. I didn’t have my budget figured out, I’m still filling open positions on my team, and in all honesty, work is a little crazy. So when my Totango CSM told me about their Holiday Team promotion (send 5 people, save a lot of money), I figured I should pay attention.

Long story short, I have registered the entire Google Hire CSM team for #CSSummit18. Here are the reasons I think you should register your team too:

The theme: Accelerating the Impact of Customer Success

Being in customer success, I know many best practices and playbooks, but the thought that there are new things I could be doing to see faster and bigger impact interests me. When I spoke with Totango’s CMO, Jill Rubin, about the theme, she explained that the sessions will help us vet whether our current results are the best they can be. I love that!

Divide and Conquer for Maximum Learning

The more people attend, the more you can learn and the more people you can meet. We plan to use the learnings and best practices and implement them wherever we can. Totango really impressed us with their belief that customer centricity is the key to delivering phenomenal customer success, and we intend to make that part of our culture too.  I know we will also get hands-on Totango training, so I’m looking forward to becoming expert users of their robust platform.

Great Team Building Opportunity
Attending this conference will be a great opportunity for my team to spend time together outside the office. We can let loose, show more personality, share ideas, and focus on becoming a closer team. I obviously want us to have fun together too, and San Francisco seems a pretty great way to do it.

I highly recommend you and you team attend Customer Success Summit. I hope to meet you there!

About the Author:

Dante is the Manager of Partner & Customer Experience at Google Cloud. He is currently working with Hire, a new app that brings the power of Google to recruiting. The easy-to-use recruiting application helps small to medium businesses with their hiring needs. Prior to joining Google in 2011, Dante has held several roles in higher education, consulting, and in software development.

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