Webinar Replay: 3 takeaways for Customer Journey Mapping

If you missed our latest webinar with KJR Associates on Customer Journey Mapping, fret not. If you were to take three ideas from this presentation, I would say they’d be:

1) Deliver recurring user value
2) Start mapping your customer journey by defining ‘first value’
3) Define the right action with the right customer at the right time

By following this methodology, you could improve retention by as much as 25%! Take a look at the presentation, or watch the summary below on the case study that was shared. Good visibility into the customer journey will make creating recurring value even easier (and revenues will follow)!

2012 12 11 Webinar Customer Journey Mapping from Totango on Vimeo.

If you are interested in Customer Journey Mapping for your company, Totango and KJR Associates are also offering an on-site Customer Journey Mapping workshop. Contact us to schedule yours or download the datasheet.

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