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Today, I’m happy to announce that Totango has analyzed the customer engagement and optimized the sales and customer success interaction with more than one million prospects!

We sure learned a lot from our beta stage and this is the place to thank all our wonderful customers who were taking part of our beta stage.

Out of the massive data we’ve gathered, here are 4 main conclusions that could help sales and customer success teams to understand where to focus in order to increase revenues: from new sales, expansion sales and renewals.

  • Free trial users who are still active during day 3 of their trial were 4 times more likely to convert into paying users than the average customer

What can I do with that information?
SaaS sales teams could use this insight by focusing their time and close more deals

  • Active trial users who were contacted by a sales rep were 70% more likely to buy the paid service than those who weren’t

What can I do with that information?
This proves that timely and contextual engagement with prospects results in more sales

  • A full half of paid SaaS customers log in less than once a month or do not use their paid service at all. Another 19% is using their paid service less than once a week. Only 14% of paid customers use their service weekly and only 17% use it daily


What can I do with that information?
Have customer success team focus on the non-active paid users and the sales teams to focus on the frequent users to increase upsell

  • Most cancellations were preceded by a period of non-use

What can I do with that information?
SaaS customer success teams could use this insight to configure alerts for inactive users and to pro actively reach out to these customers and offer help


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