We’re thrilled to introduce Zoe, an intelligent, conversational chatbot available now in Slack, the collaborative work environment, and via email.

Slack is making team collaboration effective and fun, which is the reason that we at Totango chose Slack as the first platform for Zoe. Well, that and the fact that over 60% of our customers use Slack, so it made sense to show value to our current customers as quickly as possible (and encourage future customers to make Slack an integral part of their tech stack along with Totango).

In case you haven’t heard, Zoe is a friendly interface to align your company around your customer. Zoe gives everyone in the company access to the rich data available in Totango and allows teams to self-organize to proactively impact customers. Zoe enables companies to make the customer the cornerstone of everything they do.

Totango is constantly innovating customer success technology solutions. We define customer success as a modern way to align your company’s products, services, and employees around your customers to drive business growth. The logic seems obvious: if companies proactively ensure that their customers get value from their products and services, renewal rates and repeat buys will skyrocket, and expansion business will inevitably increase over time. SaaS businesses are familiar with this concept, but we think it’s universally true for almost any business.

Zoe in Slack appears as a chat-bot (cleverly named Zoe) and is designed to make it easy for the entire company to participate in customer success.

There are two main use cases for Zoe in Slack:

1. Zoe democratizes customer data, making it easily accessible to everyone in the company. Any employee can simply ask “@zoe tell me about…” and Zoe will immediately provide the rich customer data previously only available in the Totango Customer Success Center. We’ve named the data Totango DNA-CX™ and its structure is completely unique. DNA-CX is the proprietary, dynamic, no-schema data index that gives an accurate, real-time picture of each business’s unique relationship with their customers.

Zoe account snapshot

2. Zoe enables cross-functional teams to self-organize and work together for customer causes. By making it easy for employees to ask for help on initiatives to benefit the customer, experts from all departments can frictionlessly come together to quickly make an impact. When introduced to an impact step, employees just say “@zoe sign me up for <customer champion action of choice>” and Zoe makes them a part of the customer-oriented activity. Successfully completed impact steps can be shared on company-wide Slack channels such as the #general channel, giving visibility into the impacts that employees are working on and allowing company-wide acknowledgement of everyone’s participation.

Zoe Create Impact

Totango customers can try Zoe immediately – take advantage of a free trial and see the power of this revolutionary product. Visit the Slack installation page.

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