E2C: Enterprise to Customer Growth Strategy

E2C Enterprise to Customer

In recurring revenue businesses, the entire company impacts the customer in some way. Often times, employees’ interactions are ad-hoc and siloed within their department, making it impossible to understand how all of the pieces work together to support the customer. While we assign the responsibility of the success of the customer to the Customer Success or Account Management teams, in reality, everyone is ultimately responsible for the success of each customer.

To un-silo data and align your company around the customer, the only successful strategy is an Enterprise to Customer (E2C) approach. By arming your company with the tools necessary to engage, participate, and successfully complete customer success missions, you create the sought-after culture of the customer.

In order to achieve company-wide alignment around the customer, your business needs three crucial components of the E2C strategy: customer-centric data, customer engagement, and enterprise impact.

E2C Enterprise to Customer Business Growth Strategy

Totango products comprehensively address each component of the successful E2C strategy, enabling your company to achieve its business goals. Let’s start with the core layer: customer-centric data.

Customer Centric Data with Totango DNA-CX™

Customer Centric Data with Totango DNA-CX

The technology core powering Totango products, DNA-CX, connects all customer data in real-time and adapts to your unique business needs and systems, providing high-fidelity customer context and allowing you to proactively monitor for meaningful health changes.

DNA-CX adapts to reflect the unique DNA of your business and relationship with your customer. You can get insights immediately, even from imperfect data, and refine and iterate over time. DNA-CX is the only data model where the customer is the object.

Customer Engagement with Customer Success Center

Customer Engagement with Customer Success Center

With the Customer Success Center, your customer success team can actively monitor all customer health signals and proactively engage at scale throughout the customer journey to drive adoption, retention, and expansion.

By unlocking data silos in DNA-CX, the Customer Success Center makes your data actionable, so you can know the customers that need attention and why.

Enterprise Impact with Zoe

Enterprise Impact with Zoe

Zoe empowers everyone in your company to participate in customer success with access to customer data and the ability to volunteer for customer-focused missions.

Customer data is democratized with Zoe, so any employee can get information on any customer or segment without a special login. This access empowers teams outside of customer success to volunteer and participate in customer-centric causes, creating a culture of the customer.

All Components of E2C

Products for each component of E2C Enterprise to Customer

By utilizing Totango’s innovative suite of customer success products, your business can make the customer the focus of everything your employees do. Since your success is tied to the success of your customers, the shift to an Enterprise to Customer approach, both in culture and strategy, will ensure you achieve your business goals and give your company the competitive edge.

To take the first step toward E2C growth, request a demo of the Totango suite of products today.

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