Totango DNA-CX™: The Customer-Centric Data Technology Powering Zoe™

Totango DNA-CX

Data Architecture Centered on the Customer

In other tools, the customer object is an “opportunity” or a “lead”. But never a “customer”. Totango DNA-CX is the only customer-centric data model that actually revolves around the customer. By mapping all the dimensions of customer data to the schema-less index, and monitoring over time and capturing trends and changes, DNA-CX produces high fidelity customer context, giving you a complete picture of your customer.

Unique DNA of Each Business

Totango DNA-CX is a dynamic customer index that allows each company to create the data model that best represents their unique business, customers, and the relationship they have with their customers. Constant monitoring and active connections provide real-time, accurate data, and no-schema architecture ensures the flexibility required to meets the needs of any business. Much like the uniqueness of each person’s DNA, Totango DNA-CX is able to model the unique characteristics of your business and the relationships your business has with customers. Data isn’t one-size-fits-all, so instead of making you change your business to fit our technology, we designed our technology to fit your business. Any business, as a matter of fact.

Totango DNA-CX Loves Imperfect Data

Data can be messy, and most businesses have data in some state of imperfection. It can take a significant amount of time and money to clean up data so that it’s “ready” for other systems, which means a significant delay in seeing value. Totango DNA-CX allows an incremental approach to data that costs you nothing. The moment DNA-CX begins to receive data from your data streams, in any state of perfection, it begins learning, building, and adapting, producing intelligent insights quickly. Then over time, you can refine data and add more streams, normally a time-consuming, technical process that’s actually easy in DNA-CX. It’s the best of both worlds: immediate value in the short term and powerful data in the long term.

Connecting the Data

The number of integrations available in Totango DNA-CX to connect the millions of customer data points is endless. Through the simple interface of our Integration Hub, you can bring together all sources of customer data to create an accurate picture of your customer relationship. You can see all available integrations in our Integration Hub.

Data to Drive Actions

Totango DNA-CX is the core of Totango’s industry-leading products, with powerful tools to take action and improve customer engagement, renewal, and expansion.


Zoe enables the entire company to participate in customer success. Totango DNA-CX is the heart of Zoe. By providing frictionless access to the rich customer data and insights of DNA-CX in the tools employees use every day, Zoe empowers cross-functional teams to swarm to create customer impacts.

Zoe in Slack

Customer Success Center

The Customer Success Center gives customer success teams the insights and tools they need to manage and optimize the entire customer journey, resulting in reduced churn, multiplied customer lifetime value, and elevated rates of trial conversion, product adoption, and onboarding. The power of Totango DNA-CX is used to make sure these teams have the right insights in real-time, so they can make the biggest impact.

Customer Success Center

While everyone else was making tables on top of tables, Totango developed the most powerful customer success data technology available and the tool to give access to that data to anyone in the company: Zoe. To learn more about DNA-CX, check out the on-demand replay of the webinar presented by Totango Co-Founders Guy Nirpaz, CEO, and Oren Raboy, VP of Engineering, and hear in-depth about the data technology that powers Totango products.

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