Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part 1:Responsibilities

This is the first in a series of interviews with Amy Friedman, an experienced and passionate customer success management pro.

She will be sharing customer success management tips in four parts:
1. What does it take to be a customer success professional: role and responsibilities
2. What are the challenges in the life of a customer success professional
3. Metrics and measurements for customer success management
4. Case study: putting customer success management together at Lucidera

In this first video Amy shares her passion about customer success management and lays out what it takes to be successful:

“If you roll with the punches this could be the most rewarding job ever: customers are really keen to hear from you and desperate for help and information to get the most out of your solution. The relationships you build with customers are priceless”, says Amy.

Enjoy and don’t forget to chime in with your own experiences! What are you doing day to day that’s similar or different from Amy.

Here is the interview (summary handout in text below):
Responsibilities of customer success professionals
Drive usage and adoption
Identify upsell opportunities
Being a customer advocate
Drive customer satisfaction
Make sure customers take advantage of all the features
Ensure users are effective with the product

Best people for customer success
Come from any customer facing role (Amy herself comes from Marketing)
Customer support in particular
Be fanatical about customers
Problem solvers
Completely committed to providing positive experiences for customers

Why be a customer success professional?
Customers are truly happy to hear from you
Satisfaction from helping customers be truly successful
Giving guidance and resources to customers craving for help
Develop amazing relationships with customers

About Amy Friedman
Amy has over 15 years marketing for software and SaaS companies with the last 4 years as a customer success. She has worked in customer success for Informatica, Fundly, Rearden Commerce and LucidEra and is speaking candidly about the beauty and the challenges of a customer success professional. I really love this series with Amy as she is giving a candid look in the kitch of customer success management, a new but growing profession.

What do you think? Do you agree? What is your definition for the ideal customer success professional?

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