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Managing and prioritizing your at-risk accounts and growth opportunities

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As a customer success manager, you always have to consider an account’s contractual state in conjunction to their level of engagement with the product. High paying accounts that aren’t engaged with the product they’re paying for is bad news. An account whose contract is set to expire and is heavily engaged is a growth opportunity. Totango makes it easy to mash up these disparate sets of data in new, powerful way.

Totango now enables you to see these important financial aspects in your account profile and active lists. This means that you can better understand your risks and act accordingly.

We recommend that you watch the accounts that are due to renew in the coming three months. Using this new capability you can better evaluate the status of each customer that is close to renewal and communicate accordingly. In the case that the customer shows good engagement patterns and the likelihood of renewal is high, you may want to use this opportunity to educate the customer regarding additional offerings. In the case that you have a client with poor engagement patterns, you may want to learn how he has been using your product and encourage him to make a wider use before engaging in a new contract.

While working on a set of accounts, using their contract-value — the revenue they generate for your organization — is a logical way to prioritize work. All things being equal, you want to make sure that your higher paying accounts get dealt with first before dealing with smaller accounts:

Using these tools will result in communicating the right message at the right time. This will certainly help you in contract renewals.

Understanding how much money is at risk
From a managerial perspective, Totango will also enable you to see how much money you have in each of your segments. For example: Totango will calculate an aggregate sum of contract value for all accounts in the churn risk segment – this will enable you to know how much money are you risking at any time. Furthermore, by following this figure, you can estimate whether or not you are improving over time.

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Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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