What is Customer Health Score?

3 – min read Customer Health Score takes multiple dimensions of customer data measures and consolidates them into a single representation of green, yellow or red. It is a consolidation all the information the company has about the customer, from all probes, people and systems, past and current.

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Don’t Buy into Fake News: Why Try Before You Buy is Best

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Gross Retention vs. Net Retention: What’s the Difference?

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Supercharging Your Tech Stack with Totango: Streamline Your Workflows

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Customer Q&A with Christine Knific of Wisr

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Totango Leads the Industry in Customer Success According to Trust Radius

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Totango Earns Multiple Leadership Awards from G2

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How to Scale Customer Success Operations

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Understanding Your Customer Lifecycle in 2021

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Digital Customer Success vs COVID – One Year Anniversary Recap

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Follow Six Steps to a Successful Customer Journey Analysis

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Customer Journey Infographic: Visualizing Your Customer’s Experience

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Your Customer Journey Map Template: 8 Steps to Successful Client Outcomes

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Why a Data-Driven Customer Success Program is Crucial to Your Success

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How to Calculate and Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

5 – min read Customer retention is the lifeblood of any savvy enterprise. It’s the only way to be successful in this customer-centered economy and ensure scalable long-term revenue. …

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How to Optimize Customer Journey Stages to Deliver Consistent Value

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