deliver value at each stage of the customer journey

How to Optimize Customer Journey Stages to Deliver Consistent Value

7 – min read Mapping out your customer journey stages empowers you to optimize each step for a satisfying experience that promotes higher retention. In this blog, we’ll look at how …

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Lean Startups are Not About Learning

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SaaS on the House. A Dialog About Value.

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Getting Personal with Your Customers

2 – min read One of the first things that grabs people’s attention when they begin using SaaSPulse is our real-time User Activity Stream. As one of our beta …

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Product updates

The Trial Flood Now Works For You

< 1 – min read Sales and marketing departments in SaaS companies share a dream: A trial flood. A well-lubricated acquisition funnel that generates an endless, fast-paced stream of new …

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Start Each Day Focused on Customers

2 – min read We didn’t let the festivities of the new year slow us down too much and just released a new version of the SaaSPulse application. We …

Best Practices

3 Essential Tips for Sales in a SaaS Model

3 – min read SaaS forever changes how software is developed and delivered to customers. This shift is well understood, frequently discussed and represents a major shift in the …